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The Best New Netflix Shows Of 2021

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UPDATED: Check out the best new shows on Netflix of 2022!

Netflix's 2021 new series have the range. New shows on Netflix included everything from documentaries to dramas, kid's cartoons to comedies. If you feel like you spent 2020 emptying your watchlist and were in deep need of new Netflix shows, this list ranked the best 2020 Netflix Original premieres, making it easier to find which shows to prioritize.

Let's start with what feels like the most meta aftershow possible. The Netflix Afterparty was all about that week's most-buzzed about Netflix shows and movies. Which you can then, of course, conveniently add to your Netflix watchlist. If you've been feeling out of the loop on the most popular Netflix shows then this show is for you. And here's a possible best Netflix series of the year: History of Swear Words. Hosted by Nicolas Cage, this comedy documentary shared the beautifully profane history of some of the most incredibly bad words.

If your tastes are a little higher brow, the Netflix documentary Pretend It's a City featured Fran Lebowitz interviewing Martin Scorsese about his films, life, and love of New York City. Or take in a twist on classic literature with Lupin, a French mystery series inspired by the Arsene Lupin novels.

Whatever your favorite type of show is, the 2021 Netflix shows have just the thing for you. Check out what new shows have aired on Netflix in 2021 and vote up the best new series!

Photo: History of Swear Words / Netflix
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