The Best New Sci-Fi Movies Of The Last Few Years

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Modern science fiction movies provide audiences with a wide range of subject matter. The genre offers a lot of flexibility, as it is capable of telling stories set on Earth or in outer space. Often times, the two are combined, with aliens visiting our planet or by having earthlings journey to another planet. Audiences have long enjoyed the speculative nature of sci-fi - the way it imagines amazing scientific breakthroughs, futuristic societies, interstellar battles, and more. It taps directly into our collective imagination.

The best new sci-fi films have continued this tradition. The genre has benefited from modern advancements in special effects technology. As CGI becomes more and more sophisticated, it's possible for movies to take on bigger ideas and to depict astonishing sights with more authenticity than ever before. Consequently, a couple of the more recent sci-fi movies have already come close to achieving "classic" status. 

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