Newer Shows With The Most Impressive Writing

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Only series that premiered Season 1 on or after January 1, 2019. Vote up the series that feature the best writing on television, even if they aren't your favorite overall shows.

While fantastic acting and sky-high production value can make a show pleasant enough to watch, the TV shows with good writing as well are the ones that truly shine. Where would Only Murders In The Building be without the smart writers crafting such intricate, nested, plots? Could all the issues tackled on I May Destroy You feel authentic with melodramatic dialogue? Some of the best writing on TV today gets viewers invested and engaged with high quality programs. This list catalogs some of the best writing on TV today.


What are some of the most well-written new TV shows? Devs includes science fiction elements, layered timelines, and sharp character studies. Jason Sudeikis unique and gentle humor is a constant thread throughout his series Ted Lasso. Station Eleven brings the outstanding writing from the bestselling novel of the same name to the small screen. Other current TV shows with great writing include Kevin Can F*** Himself, Dead To Me, and The White Lotus.

Which current TV shows do you watch for the writing? Give your favorites a thumbs up and please add any well-written series we may have missed.