The Best New Smart Home Products You Can Buy Right Now

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One of the fastest-spreading trends of the last several years has been smart home technology. Home systems like Alexa and the Amazon Echo have revolutionized connectivity and consumer convenience; new home security systems have utilized developing tech to ensure the buyer's safety and peace of mind; developments in home goods such as light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, and even window shades have impacted the day-to-day ease of living for smart home consumers.

Some of the most significant progress in new smart home tech has come in the form of home systems, thermostats, and utilities, with special emphasis on interconnectedness between system, tech, phone, and consumer. Much new tech springboards off of the designs and ideas of earlier products. For example, the second generation of the Amazon Echo, released in 2018, provided small tweaks and better audio quality; the Wink Hub 2 similarly improved upon its predecessor. As more and better smart home tech was released, smart displays such as the Google Nest Hub refined a wonderfully space-age concept. These old-ideas-made-new enhance the features, efficiency, and ease-of-use of smart home tech, collectively ushering us into a new age of convenience. This list of top smart home products provides a glimpse into the future, which is quickly becoming a real and attainable present.

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  • These battery-powered blinds can be controlled from wherever you are. Operated either through the included remote control or the Lutron app on your smartphone, Lutron's automated shades require no wires and minimal maintenance. They also boast long battery life, easy installation, and many stylish designs.

  • TP-Link HS200 Smart Light Switch
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    This smart light switch allows you to control your home's lighting from anywhere via the Kasa app on your smartphone or tablet. Features such as "Away Mode" and compatibility with a wide array of devices make Kasa's new light switch a must-have for every smart home. 

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    Philips's new lighting system enables you to control your lights remotely from any location with internet access. If no internet is available, these hi-tech bulbs can be set on a timer beforehand, keeping your home as light or dark as necessary while you're away.

  • This new release from Neato marks the next step in home-cleaning technology. The Botvac Connected, a smart vacuum cleaner, uses Neato's patented LaserSmart technology to ensure a thorough clean with up to 5,000 square feet covered per cycle. The Botvac is controlled through your smartphone or through controls in the vacuum itself. Programed with both Eco and Turbo modes, the Botvac Connected allows you to have a convenient and efficient cleaning routine with the touch of a button.

  • Nest Thermostat E
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    Nest's new smart thermostat combines sleek design with practical convenience. Through the Nest app, you can control the temperature in your house whether you're home or away. 

  • Belkin release of its new smart plug, Insight, made home energy usage and conservation a breeze. Much like the smart light switches on the market, the Insight enables you to monitor and control your lights from anywhere. The feature that sets this plug apart, however, is its ability to keep track of your home energy usage and, if you so desire, alert you to rules and schedules you set for your home electricity usage.