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The Best Members Of Wrestling's New World Order

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The wrestlers in the New World Order faction all played a role in history. Fans still talk about the various incarnations of the nWo group today, decades after it dominated wrestling. The first version of the group started a hostile takeover over of that created one of the hottest storylines in wrestling history to bring unparalleled success to the industry. 

WCW would add a lot of members to different versions of the group. Other factions included the nWo Wolfpac, nWo Hollywood, nWo Elite, nWo Black and White and nWo 2000. New Japan’s working relationship with WCW featured an nWo Japan stable growing on its own. WWE gave it another chance after purchasing WCW and starting their own versions of the group. 

Every nWo wrestler will be ranked here with fans getting to pick the best choices. Base your vote on which wrestlers contributed most to the overall nWo legacy. Help us find out which members should be at the top and if they showed the nWo was indeed “for life” as the promos indicated. Then stick around to vote on the best WCW wrestlers of all time, as well.