The Best New York Giants of All Time

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This is a list of the best New York Giants of all time. Formed in 1925, the New York Football Giants are a name as recognizable with the NFL as much as any other team in the league. The Giants are one of the greatest teams of all time. The team has won eight championships, four before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 and four Super Bowl titles. Some of the greatest defensive players in NFL history have played for the Giants. The team has traditionally relied on stout defenses and a powerful running game. The formative years of the NFL saw some of the best linemen and linebackers play for the team. Hall of Famers from the team's early years includes Sam Huff, Frank Gifford, Rosey Brown, Andy Robustelli and Y.A. Tittle.

After an 18 playoff drought, the Giants' fortunes started to turn in 1981. That year, the team drafted one of its greatest players and perhaps the best linebacker ever in Lawrence Taylor. In addition to Taylor, the team had some of the top Giants in Phil Simms, George Martin and Harry Carson. More recently, the Giants have won multiple Super Bowl titles with quarterback Eli Manning and Justin Tuck captaining the defense. 

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