The Very Best News Magazines, Ranked

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If you're looking to stay well informed, subscriptions to some good news magazines can help! The highest quality news publications do not just provide you information; they help show the historical context of major headlines and offer nuanced explanations of why current events are important and their possible implications. With so many publications out there, it can be hard to decide what's worth a monthly subscription! Below, you'll find a ranked list of news magazines to help you make an informed decision about your reading material. 

Plenty of popular news magazines have covered major stories historically and remain incredibly revered worldwide. Along with providing in-depth coverage on such topics as the #MeToo movement, scientology, and the 9/11 attacks, The New Yorker is also a premiere source for literary and arts reviews. The Atlantic has provided commentary on American news and politics since 1857 and remains a well respected publication. Some periodicals, like Foreign Policy and Mother Jones, focus on specific issues like international news and social issues. Browse this list and vote up the best news magazines. Feel free to add any quality publications you feel are missing as well! 

Most divisive: National Review
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