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The Funniest Quotes From 'Next Friday'

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What are the best Next Friday quotes? That's for you to decide. This 2000 comedy is the second film in the Friday trilogy. Like the others, it's the brainchild of rapper Ice Cube, who wrote the screenplay and produced. All three are stoner comedies that have a lot of raunchy R-rated humor, but also a certain amount of heart underneath. That's what has made them so popular with audiences.

Cube returns as Craig Jones. This time, he hatches a plan to steal from the neighbors in order to help Day-Day (Mike Epps) and Uncle Elroy (Don "D.C." Curry) pay the taxes they've gotten behind on. If he doesn't succeed, Elroy will have to put his house up for auction. Of course, almost nothing goes according to plan, leading to all kinds of hilarious situations. The supporting cast includes scene-stealer John Witherspoon as Mr. Jones, Tommy "Tiny" Lister as Deebo, and Amy Hill as Mrs. Ho-Kym. 

Next Friday was directed by Steve Carr, a former music video director who went on to make Daddy Day Care, Are We There Yet? and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The film was successful enough that Friday After Next came out two years later.

Vote up your favorite Next Friday quotes from the list below, regardless of which character says them. 

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    Knocked Out

    Mr. Jones: Hey, young man! You got knocked the f*ck out!

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      Win The Lottery

      Mr. Jones: Can't even count to ten and you win the lottery, ain't that a b*tch?

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        Need Love

        Day-Day: Fat b*tches need love too, Craig!

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          Don't Sit On That Couch

          Uncle Elroy: You know you got sh*t all over the back of your a**? Hey don't sit on that couch, put some paper down.

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