The Best NFL Head Coaches to Have a Beer With

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Must be an NFL head coach. No coordinators, owners or college coaches

This is a list of the best NFL head coaches to have a beer with. A lot of NFL coaches are workaholics who at least on the surface don't look like they know how to have fun, at least to fans of a coach's particular team. That being said, NFL coaches have been known to having a beer or two behind closed doors. NFL Films has captured some of these candid moments of coaches enjoy an adult beverage with their players after a championship victory. But this list includes coaches who seem like they'd be fun to have a drink and talk about anything with at a bar. 

A lot of the signalcallers on this list, at least on the surface, are some of the most interesting and best NFL coaches in football history. Imagine sitting at a bar with coaching legends like John Madden, Bill Parcells and Mike Ditka. Imagine what kind of info and a sense of history you could get from chatting with these fellas. The same goes for some of today's coaches. Jon Gruden, Rex Ryan and Bill Cowher seem like the type of coaches who you could knock a few down with and have some fun in the process. 

Vote for who you think is the best NFL head coach to have a beer with is. These are some of the biggest and most famous coaching names in history. Feel free to re-rank the list according to who you think the coolest coach to grab a drink with is. 
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