The Best Linebackers Of 2022

Who is the best linebacker of 2022? Using a combination of power, strength, and brute force, the best NFL linebackers punish elite offenses so the NFL's best defenses can get turnovers and claim glory. Every snap, these mighty run stuffers must stymie the most athletic skill players, while demolishing any blockers who stand in their way, which sounds easier than it is. Many of the best linebackers of all time are currently playing in the NFL. So, who are the best linebackers of 2022? Which of the best NFL linebackers 2022 do you love?

From T.J. Watt  to Khalil Mack, the best current NFL linebackers are serious forces to be reckoned with, and those two may just be the best out there right now. Nevertheless, you also have to consider great linebackers like Shaq Barrett, Von Miller, Eric Kendricks, and Demario Davis, among plenty of other talented and fearsome outside and middle linebackers. One thing all these 2022 NFL best linebackers have in common is they're at the top of their game. 

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  • Micah Parsons
    Photo: All Pro Reels / flickr / CC-BY-SA 2.0
    70 votes

    Parsons took the NFL by storm in his rookie season, recording 80+  tackles and a Cowboys rookie record 13 sacks. He's even called his shot in 2022, saying 15 sacks are his minimum threshold for this year. Parsons is versatile, smart and instinctive. He's the kind of franchise fortune changing star teams dream of, which is why he won Defensive Rookie of the Year. He's a stud pass rusher and held up in coverage. He blows up plays in the backfield and looks great grabbing takedowns in the open field.

    • Position: Linebacker
    • Birthplace: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    • Teams: Dallas Cowboys
  • T.J. Watt
    Photo: Pittsburgh Steelers / Instagram
    66 votes

    The reigning DPOY is probably the best linebacker in 2022. Watt's greatness deserves more than just a few paragraphs. He finished with 22.5 sacks in 14 games last season -- tying Michael Strahan for the single-season sack record. Watt not only led the league in sacks, but also QB hits (39) and fumble recoveries (three).  What Watt's accomplished in his first five seasons has been historic, as his 150 QB hits over his first 77 games trail only his brother J.J. Watt for the most in league history. Watt is as dominant as they come, and he literally keeps the Steelers in games they should be losing.

    • Position: Outside linebacker
    • Birthplace: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
    • Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Fred Warner
    48 votes

    Fred Warner has continuously shown during his time with the San Francisco 49ers that he is a great defensive player. Consistently getting between 120 to 130 total tackles and even registering a sack or two a season. Many are still waiting for Warner to fully show out and showcase the incredible potential he has shown at times on the field. Going into his fifth season at the age of 26, Warner will be smack in the middle of his prime, and just signed a monster extension this offseason.

    • Position: Linebacker
    • Birthplace: San Marcos, California
    • Teams: San Francisco 49ers
  • Von Miller
    Photo: Buffalo Bills / Instagram
    53 votes

    Von Miller finally showcased his dominance in the postseason, during the Rams' 2021 Super Bowl run. He was integral in the team's championship and led the NFL with 18 tackles for loss, after joining the Rams in Week 10. Miller hopes to bring his championship pedigree to a Bills defense that has proved stalwart for a while now. One of the best edge defenders in the game, Miller can still get to the quarterback in his 30s.

    • Position: Outside Linebacker
    • Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
    • Teams: Buffalo Bills
  • Khalil Mack
    Photo: Los Angeles Chargers / YouTube
    39 votes

    Khalil Mack

    The Los Angeles Chargers acquired Khalil Mack in the offseason to help bolster their pass rush and defensive leadership. While injuries limited his play in 2021, a fresh start for the ex-DPOY could be just what the doctor ordered to get Mack back up the his Pro Bowl speed.

    • Position: Outside linebacker
    • Birthplace: Fort Pierce, Florida
    • Teams: Los Angeles Chargers
  • Bobby Wagner
    Photo: Los Angeles Rams / Facebook
    38 votes

    Bobby Wagner is an incredibly poised stalwart linebacker, as much so as they come, for his hometown Los Angeles Rams. Wagner has consistently put up well over 100 total tackles, and he is an excellent help defender who doesn't get enough credit for the dirty work he does for the Rams. While it will be nearly impossible to overshadow Aaron Donald, it could be time that many finally view Wagner as the top 20 defensive talent that he may just very well be.

    • Position: Linebacker
    • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    • Teams: Los Angeles Rams