The Best NFL Player Nicknames Of All Time

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The best NFL player nicknames evoke everything you need to about the kind of player you're talking about. Whether you're discussing the coolest, slickest old-school players like Red Grange ("Galloping Ghost") and Ed Jones ("Too Tall") or the new-school players with memorable monikers like Travis Kelce ("Zeus") or Russell Wilson ("DangeRuss"), good football nicknames stick in your mind and roll off the tongue.

Some players even became so synonymous with their nicknames that they're better known by the nickname than their real names, athletes like William Perry ("The Fridge") and Carnell Williams ("Cadillac"). Sometimes the nicknames can be funny and weird, like Kirk Cousins' "Captain Kirk" moniker or Jared Lorenzen's somewhat derisive "Pillsbury Throwboy" nickname. Other times, the names are deadly serious, such as Jim Kelly ("Machine Gun Kelly") and Peyton Manning ("The Sheriff").

Either way, great, memorable nicknames become a part of players' stories and of NFL history, with names like Brodway Joe, Beast Mode, and Prime Time immediately bringing to mind some of the best ever to play the game.

So who has the best nickname in NFL history? Which nicknames spring to mind when you think of professional football? Vote below to help decide which famous nicknames belong at the top of the list, then check back to see what other fans thought of these great football names.

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