The Best NFL Players Of 2022

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Who are the best NFL players in 2022? We're ranking all of the National Football League's top players and NFL stars playing in 2022. Who can say while a football player still plays whether their good years are in front of them or behind them? And harder still to compare their merits in comparison to other players who may be injured, have overall less experience playing professionally, or are just going through a slump. But, who is the best NFL player of 2022? Which NFL players do you love to watch in 2022? 

When it comes to the best active player in the NFL today, Patrick Mahomes and Cooper Kupp, two of the NFL's most recent Super Bowl MVPs deserve to be high up in the rankings, but a number of other challengers for the title—such as the 2021-22 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Not to mention NFL stars linebacker T.J. Watt, quarterbacks Josh Allen and Joe Burrow, and running back Derrick Henry.

Who's the best player in the NFL in 2022? Vote up your favorite NFL football stars, and re-rank this list the way you think it should look!