The Best NFL Team Owners of All Time

The best NFL team owners of all time are those legendary NFL owners of the past and present who led their respective teams to greatness. In a combination of the best current NFL team owners and those great historical National Football League team owners who founded teams, these fine men and women all helped the NFL become what it is today.

For many of these greatest NFL team owners ever, the challenge of living up to being among the best of all time is their current day job. Owners like Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots, Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts, the Rooney family of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Steve Bisciotti of the Baltimore Ravens are all current NFL team owners and doing a great job at it. Many also happen to lead the stats in winning percentage and number of championships since they acquired their respective teams. Given their track record, if they are not already, all are people who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Looking back, the legacies of the others on this list may be complete but they certainly deserve a great deal of credit. Legends to the sport like George Halas, Paul Brown and Lamar Hunt were not just great NFL team owners as they steered the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively, but they also had major impacts on the entire league. There is a reason these men have NFL trophies named after them.

Deciding which NFL team owner is the best of all time is often a matter of which owner did the best for your favorite team but regardless of fandom, many will agree that all of these owners did much more good for their teams and the league than they did bad. Give your thoughts on which are the best NFL team owners of all time by voting, adding to or re-ranking this list below!
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