The Furriest, Funniest, Most Fabulous Hockey Mascots, Ranked

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The best hockey mascots have a way of getting a team and its fans to rally around them. Some of them are funny, and some are fierce, but they all do their best to embody the spirit of the franchises they represent. There is only one NHL team without a mascot (the New York Rangers), but the other 30 teams are all represented here.

Hockey has a long history of fun and wild mascots, including the Detroit Red Wings' Al the Octopus and the Dallas Stars' Victor E. Green, but perhaps the most exciting and entertaining mascot in the league is also the newest: Gritty. The Philadelphia Flyers introduced Gritty for the 2018-2019 season, and the character instantly became a Twitter favorite, whether as a source of fun, derision, or curiosity.

So vote up the mascots who are best at grabbing your attention and getting you to root for the teams they cheer for. Help pick the best mascots in the NHL in 2020, and check back to see how other hockey fans voted.

Most divisive: Pittsburgh Penguins