30+ Nick Jr. Cartoons That'll Make You Wish You Were 7 Again

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Remember those adorable weekday mornings you'd spend watching Nick Jr. cartoons? How could you forget? Nick Jr. provided us with educational and entertaining cartoons that probably kept us busy while our parents were at work (or locked themselves in their bedrooms for a few minutes of piece and quiet). So we've created you a list of the best cartoons that ever aired on Nick Jr. Now all you have to do is vote up your favorites!

So which Nick Jr. TV series are you hoping to find on this list? Of course, Olivia made our list. Olivia is one of the best clean Nick Jr. cartoons for kids of all time (sorry, Dora). It was based on Ian Falconer's book series of the same name. This great Nick Jr. show premiered in 2009 and unfortunately only ran until 2011. Olivia even won a silver Parents' Choice Award for its positivity (so cute), solidifying its status as one of the top Nick Jr. cartoon shows.

Other good Nick Jr. cartoon shows like Little Bear and Dora the Explorer also appear on this list of cartoon shows that aired on Nick Jr. Franklin is one of the most popular Nick Jr. cartoons, because who doesn't love a sweet and sensitive little turtle? I mean come on... Nick Jr. really hit it outta the park with that green little guy. It was based on the Franklin the Turtle book series by Brenda Clark and Paulette Bourgeois and ran from 1999 – 2005.

Where do your favorite Nick Jr. cartoon shows fall on this list? Be sure to vote it to the top and don't be ashamed if your Nick Jr. Netflix binge begins tonight!
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