The Best Nickelodeon Game Shows Ever Made

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When you were a kid, how often did you fantasize about ending up on a Nickelodeon game show, winning great prizes, and getting slimed? Some of the best shows to ever air on the network were the game shows. They were fun and different from the rest of the programming. The best Nickelodeon game shows are listed below. Do you prefer shows on the air now or the ones that aired back in the '90s? Let us know!

Double Dare is arguably the most famous game show to air on Nickelodeon of all time. In the show, kids had to complete physical challenges, including an obstacle course for the chance to win $5,000. The show has gone through various iterations throughout the years. The most recent edition came out in 2018. Nickelodeon has not slowed down with its game shows in recent years, and it recently came out with a new show called Keep It Spotless, where kids have to keep themselves clean as they go through an obstacle course. As you can see, obstacle courses are very important when it comes to Nickelodeon game shows. 

Which kid's game shows do you remember fondly, and which ones do not ring any bells? Vote on the best Nickelodeon kids game shows of the '90s and beyond. 

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