The Best Nickelodeon Movies Of All Time

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Over 4,700 movie fans have come together to shape these rankings of the best Nickelodeon movies. From family favorites like The Rugrats Movie, Hey Arnold! The Movie and Good Burger to classic comedies, such as Hotel for Dogs and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie – Nickelodeon has produced some truly memorable films over the years. With its unique blend of comedy, adventure and heart-warming characters, it's no surprise that many of these films have gone on to become cult classics among both young and adult audiences alike.

The Rugrats Movie follows a group of babies as they set off on an exciting journey in search of their missing reptile friend Reptar, while Hey Arnold!: The Movie sees everyone's favorite football head take part in an epic quest through New York City with his pals Helga and Gerald. Meanwhile, Good Burger is a fun-filled comedy about two teenage burger flippers who must save their restaurant from being taken over by a rival fast food chain.

These are just some examples of the brilliant films created by Nickelodeon which fans remember fondly even today - so be sure to vote up your favorites on this list!

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