All Of The Times Nicolas Cage Freaked Out On Screen, Ranked

No one freaks out on film quite like Nicolas Cage. We've gathered some of our favorite freak-out scenes from all the best (and a few of the worst) Nicolas Cage movies in his filmography and want to know which scene you think is the best. Cage is an actor who is both loved and hated, but one thing all film fans and moviegoers can agree on is that his freak-outs are some of the best in Hollywood. No one loses it quite like Mr. Nicolas Cage.

Is your favorite Nicolas Cage movie freak-out his creepy, unnerving portrayal in Vampire's Kiss, his over-the-top acting in Deadfall, the bunny fight in Con Air, or is it "The bees! No, not the bees!" from Wicker Man?

It's time to find out which funny Nic Cage freak-out you think is the best and most amazing. So put the bunny in the box, file your papers correctly and get voting. Then be sure to cast your votes on the best Nicolas Cage movies list as well - even if they didn't feature a great freak-out moment.

Photo: uploaded by Derrick Deane