The Best Nightmare on Elm Street Movies

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The best Nightmare on Elm Street movies instill fear in the hearts and souls of all horror fans to this very day. The films instantly became a quintessential staple in the horror community when they were released, and they helped birth one of the most memorable and beloved villains in all of cinema with Freddy Krueger. The films surpassed mere stardom and became a global sensation. From television shows to music videos to and even behind-the-scenes Nightmare documentaries, the Nightmare on Elm Street films were a revelation to the mainstream.

Browse through our list of the best Nightmare on Elm Street movies to see which ones are considered the best by voters just like you. With a staggering 8 films in the franchise and a remake to boot, there are plenty of options for every spooky mood audiences may find themselves in. Want a meta look at Freddy Krueger and horror itself? Take a look at Wes Cravens's New Nightmare. Want to see Freddy fight to the death against a fellow slasher king? Well, watch Freddy vs. Jason of course! Or why not just go with where it all started with the first Nightmare on Elm Street.

Pull up your favorite chair, get some bowls of your favorite Halloween candy and a favorite beverage, and prepare yourself for a night of scares with only the best Nightmare on Elm Street movies to watch. Or, you can watch the entire series and decide for yourself which Nightmare on Elm Street movies are the best, then come back and place your vote and enjoy a fun, dream-filled night of sleep!

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