The Most Savagely Dark Tweets From Nihilist Arby's Account

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Buried deep in the loins of the internet is one of the funniest Twitter accounts ever to grace our otherwise pointless existence on Earth. Thanks to the darkly hilarious and satirical fast-food-themed account, 'Nihilist Arby's,' Twitter users can finally bond with a roast beef sandwich over the meaningless tragedy of life. If you're hungry for bizarre and surreal humor, the darkest Nihilist Arby's tweets will satisfy you.

Created from bits of an existential crisis and horrific self-awareness, Nihilist Arby's doesn't shy away from expletives and super jacked-up imagery. Even though the parody account is lewd and crude, the real Arby's is super cool about it, even sparring with the account online, and meeting its creator with a gift bag full of sandwiches. 

But who runs Nihilist Arby's? The idea originated from the mind of copywriter and advertiser Brendan Kelly and came to fruition in 2015. Taking the concept of a brand gone haywire on a "red pill" experience, Kelly went full-force with Nihilist Arby's, creating a dark hyper-reality for the spunky, sandwich-slinging chain eatery. Please enjoy the curly fries.

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