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The 14 Best Ninjutsu Users In 'Naruto'

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The broadest category of powers in the world of Naruto is ninjutsu. Ninjutsu isn't the most clearly defined technique - broadly speaking, it includes all abilities outside of genjutsu (illusionary techniques) and taijutsu (body and hand-to-hand techniques). It can include the ability to summon any animal from dogs to slugs, as well as conjure powerful defensive techniques like Sasuke's Susanoo, elemental attacks like Kakashi's Chidori, and existentially terrifying powers like Orochimaru's Living Corpse Reincarnation. 

The best ninjutsu users in Naruto boast not only one formidable technique, but can often use five, nine, or even hundreds of different jutsu. You don't want to be on the wrong side of any of these powerful ninjas.

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  • As one of the legendary sannin, Tsunade is naturally quite skilled at ninjutsu. She can summon slugs to fight with her, and she can use multiple forms of elemental release attacks. But Tsunade is best-known for her medical ninjutsu.

    She's able to heal severe, life-threatening injuries, as well as restore chakra and heal illness. Anyone who tries to injure her is in for a nasty surprise, because she can instantly heal any wounds she sustains. Also, her Transformation Technique allows her to look much younger than she actually is, which is not only useful for her satisfaction and well-being, but also for skirting gambling debts. 

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  • Though often seen as one of the most harmless of the Naruto villains, Orochimaru possesses a truly terrifying level of ninjutsu prowess. He can use seven different types of nature transformations; summon and manipulate snakes; telekinetically control swords; and more. 

    His most distinctive technique is also his most terrifying. Orochimaru can transfer his mind to a body vessel of his choice, effectively making him immortal if he's able to keep the cycle going (and also kill whoever is unlucky enough to be inhabiting his chosen body).

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  • One of Konoha's founding members, Hashirama Senju, boasts formidable ninjutsu prowess. Though skilled in a variety of techniques, he's best known for his powerful chakra reserves and a unique ability, Wood Release, which allows him to manipulate the area around him, altering everything from vegetation to the ground itself. He could also create structures strong enough to capture and suppress tailed beasts.

    This ability can be used for all sorts of incredible or devastating purposes, which is why Orochimaru went on to kill numerous children who were in pursuit of replicating it. 

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  • A master of most forms of jutsu, Itachi Uchiha is one ninja you don't want to face alone. He's skilled in multiple elemental techniques, including the Uchiha family's signature move Great Fireball Technique. He's also adept as using the powerful Water Dragon Bullet Technique, which he can use without access to water of any kind.

    He can also summon swarms of crows and create exploding shadow clones.

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