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The Best Nintendo Switch Action Games

If you're looking for Nintendo Switch action games, look no further. This list ranks the best action games for Switch, as voted on by Nintendo fans like you. Nintendo consoles aren't usually known for their action titles, but there are some good action games for Switch that are definitely worth playing.

As far as Nintendo Switch action games are concerned, don't sleep on Shovel Knight. If this game has alluded you up to this point, do yourself a favor and buy Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. It includes the core game, as well as the two expansions, Specter of Torment and Plague of Shadows. Each game features unique playable characters with different fighting mechanics, as well as diverse level designs, bosses, and upgrades. If you've already played the core game and its first expansion, you can also buy Specter of Torment as a standalone game.

Another fun action game for Nintendo Switch is Super Bomberman R, although you might want to wait until the price drops on this one since it's a full-priced game at the moment of writing this.

Vote up the current and upcoming Nintendo Switch action games that you either love or are dying to play.

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