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The Best Nintendo Switch Fighting Games

List RulesBoth current and upcoming fighting games for Nintendo Switch

At the time of writing this there aren't a ton of Nintendo Switch fighting games that have been announced, but there certainly are some solid titles in the works. This list will be updated with Switch fighting games as they are announced, so check back to see how new titles stack up against what's currently here.

Which fighting games for Nintendo Switch look good? Many fans are excited forĀ Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, especially since it's a Nintendo Switch exclusive with two new characters never seen before in a Street Fighter game. A lot of people are also really excited about Arms, the boxing-esque Nintendo original that has players moving the Joy-Cons to emulate a real fight.

Vote up the fighting games for Switch that you really like, or are really looking forward to playing. Hopefully there will be a Smash Brothers game for Switch we can add to the list real soon!