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The Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games

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Some of these Switch indie games aren't out yet, but you can still vote them up based on how much you want to play them.

If there's one thing that Nintendo Switch is doing right, it's indie games. For this list we're ranking the best indie games on Nintendo Switch, as well as upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games that we're really looking forward to playing. The console may not get the third-party support that its competitors get, but the indie titles make Switch well worth buying, especially since you can play them on the go.

So what are the best Nintendo Switch indie games? Snipperclips is obviously the game everyone has been talking about since launch day, as it's exclusively on the Switch. The combination of the puzzles and lighthearted atmosphere make for the perfect indie game that anyone can enjoy.

Upcoming Switch indie games include Yooka-Laylee, SteamWorld Dig 2, and Oceanhorn, the Zelda-like game that impersonates the Nintendo franchise in all the right ways.

Vote for your favorite indie games for Switch, both current and upcoming. If a game isn't out yet, you can still vote it up based on how much you want to play it.

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