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The Best Ports For The Nintendo Switch

Updated September 29, 2020 2.1k votes 342 voters 17.4k views31 items

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What's better than playing your favorite game? Being able to play your favorite game anywhere you go! The best ports for Switch offer gamers a way to experience awesome titles without having to switch consoles. Nintendo already had a million-dollar idea with creating a portable home console, and they're even more genius in porting what are already the best games on the market so that players can keep the fun going, whether they're traveling, commuting, or just lounging around in bed.

In the market for some awesome Switch ports? Maybe you're just curious to see which ports are the best. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (finally) made its way over to the Switch in 2019, and Alien: Isolation is a blast to play with the Joy-Con controller.

If you're looking for some great games to play on the go, look no further than our list of the best ports for the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to vote up your favorites and add any top Switch ports we may have missed.

  • Ōkami26



    Genres (Video game)Action-adventure game, Action game, Role-playing video game

    Originally for: PlayStation 2

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  • Blair Witch27

    Genres (Video game)Survival horror

    Originally for: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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  • Baldur's Gate28

    Genres (Video game)Role-playing

    Originally for: Microsoft Windows

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  • Oxenfree29

    Genres (Video game)Graphic adventure

    Originally for: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox One

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  • Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath30

    Genres (Video game)First-person/third-person shooter, action-adventure

    Originally for: Xbox

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  • DmC: Devil May Cry31

    Genres (Video game)Action-adventure, hack and slash

    Originally for: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

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