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The Best Nintendo Switch Puzzle Games

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Now that Nintendo Switch is here, it's time to get an early start on ranking the best Nintendo Switch puzzle games. Some of the puzzle games for Switch on this list are releasing on launch day, while others have tentative release dates or are slated to hit the console later in 2017.

So what are some good puzzle games for Nintendo Switch? Snipperclips, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and Project Mekuru are some of the most notable, but there are plenty of others to stimulate your brain as well. Snipperclips in particular is looking like not only one of the best puzzles games for Nintendo Switch, but one of the most fun games of the year period. Vote up the games on this list that you've played and love, or the ones that aren't out yet that you desperately want to play.

  • Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

    Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! is a puzzle video game developed by SFB Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. Snipperclips is a co-operative puzzle game for up to four players. In the main World mode for one or two players, players control two characters named Snip and Clip, who each possess shaped bodies that can be rotated in place. When the two characters overlap each other, one player can snip the overlapped portion out of the other player, altering the shape of their body. Using this mechanic, players must come up with creative ways to solve various puzzles, each with unique objectives. Objectives include fitting inside a shape template, carrying objects such as  ...more
    • Developer: Nintendo, SFB Games
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  • Photo: Stone Lantern Games
    Evergate is a 2D puzzle-platform game developed by Stone Lantern Games and published by PQube. The game was released on 2020 for Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and for PlayStation 5 in June 2021. Set in a stunning hand-drawn vision of the Afterlife, players have to navigate through 85 challenging stages and unleash the extraordinary powers of the genre-defining 'Soulflame' to reincarnate a lost soul on earth.  ...more
    • Developer: Stone Lantern Games
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  • Photo: Konami
    Super Bomberman R is an action-maze game developed by Konami and HexaDrive, and is part of the Bomberman series. The game was first released worldwide as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, and later for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in June 2018. It is also the first main Bomberman entry in over a decade, as well as being the first to be developed following the dissolution of original series developer Hudson Soft on March 1, 2012. The game received mixed reviews, though many of the criticisms were addressed with post-release patches. By August 2018, the game had sold over a million units worldwide.  ...more
    • Developer: Konami, HexaDrive
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  • Photo: Jonas Manke
    Omno is an adventure indie game developed by Jonas Manke and published by Future Friends Games. The game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021. The game is a journey of emotional discovery through an ancient world of wonders and full of puzzles, secrets, and obstacles to overcome.  ...more
    • Developer: Jonas Manke

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