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The Best Nobody's Fool Movie Quotes

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These Nobody's Fool quotes from the film, which follows a woman who is released from prison and finds out her sister is being catfished, are absolutely hilarious—and maybe even a bit dramatic. Tyler Perry wrote and directed the film and Paramount Pictures released the film on November 2, 2018. Coming from Tyler Perry, the comedy-drama is filled with some great banter between characters, not to mention some catchy one liners.

In Nobody's Fool, Tanya (Tiffany Haddish) is getting out of jail. Danica (Tika Sumpter), Tanya's sister, takes her in to get her back on her feet. Tanya soon discovers Danica is being catfished by the "man of her dreams". Tanya makes it her personal mission to find out who is doing this to her sister. Tonia (Whoopi Goldberg), the girls' mother, doesn't seem to want anything to do with either of them. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues alongside bits of comical drama.

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    You In The Window

    [Tanya bangs on Tonia's door]
    Tanya: Mama, it's Tanya.
    Tonia: Who?
    Tanya: It's Tanya!
    Tonia: [with an accent] Oh, no. Tanya no here.
    Tanya: Mama, I know it's you!
    [Tonia opens the window]
    Tonia: This connection is so rickety. Hello?
    Tanya: What? Mama, you in the window.
    Tonia: I'm sorry, what?
    Tanya: We're not on my cellphone, mama...
    Tonia: I can't hear you, baby. I can't hear you. Oh, my…
    [Tonia slowly pulls the window closed]
    Tanya: Mama!

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    Tanya: I need a job. 
    Frank: Why don't you just work here?
    Tanya: Oh, that's what's up. This so dope. 
    [Tanya comes out from the back with a clipboard]
    Tanya: Uh, where it say sex, what you want me to put right there?
    Frank: What do you want to put?
    Tanya: Plenty. [laughs and tries to be sexy]

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    Get There When You Can

    [Danica and Tonia are on the phone]
    Danica: Hi, mom.
    Tonia: Hey, Danica. Listen, it's your sister, she's getting out. If you could pick her up I'd appreciate it. 
    Danica: What time?
    Tonia: What time? Honey, it's jail. You get there when you can, like the song said.

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    [Tanya seeing Danica's apartment for the first time]
    Tanya: Oooh, this is nooice! They don't smell like roaches in here or nothin'. 
    [gets on the floor and pets throw rug]
    Tanya: How do you get sparkles in the back of a animal? What is this, a Care Bear?

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