The Best NOFX Albums of All Time 

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NOFX is widely considered one of the best punk bands, as displayed in this list of the best NOFX albums, including pictures of the album covers. This NOFX discography is ranked from best to worst, so the top NOFX albums can be found at the top of the list. To make it easy for you, we haven't included NOFX singles, EPs, or compilations, so everything you see here should only be studio albums. If you think the greatest NOFX album isn't high enough on the list, then be sure to vote for it so it receives the credit it deserves. Make sure you don't just vote for critically acclaimed albums; if you have a favorite NOFX album, then vote it up, even if it's not necessarily the most popular.

If you want to know, "What is the Best NOFX album of all time?" or "What are the top NOFX albums?" then this list will answer your questions. List ranges from Punk in Drublic, which helped build their success, to Pump Up the Valuum and more.

This list of popular NOFX albums has been voted on by music fans around the world, so the order of this list isn't just one person's opinion. You're able to copy this fact-based list to build your own just like it, re-rank it to fit your opinions, then publish it to share it with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends or with any other social networks you use on a regular basis.

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The War on Errorism is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best NOFX Albums of All Time
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

1. The Separation of Church and Skate
2. The Irrationality of Rationality
3. Franco Un-American
4. Idiots Are Taking Over
5. She's Nubs
6. Mattersville
7. Decom-posuer
8. Medio-core
9. Anarchy Camp
10. American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
11. We Got Two Jealous Agains
12. 13 Stitches
13. Re-gaining Unconsciousness
14. Whoops, I OD'd

Release Date: 2003

Artist: NOFX

Producer: Ryan Greene

Tracks: Franco Un-American, American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters), The Separation of Church and Skate, + more

Length (mins): 00:36:45

Genres (Music): Skate punk, Punk rock, Ska punk

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Wolves in Wolves' Clothi... is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best NOFX Albums of All Time
Photo: Metaweb (FB)

1. 60%
2. USA-holes
3. Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
4. We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
5. The Marxist Brothers
6. The Man I Killed
7. Benny Got Blowed Up
8. Leaving Jesusland
9. Getting High on the Down Low
10. Cool and Unusual Punishment
11. Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
12. Cantado en Español
13. 100 Times Fuckeder
14. Instant Crassic
15. You Will Lose Faith
16. One Celled Creature
17. Doornails
18. 60% (Reprise)
19. unlisted track

Release Date: 2006

Artist: NOFX

Producer: Bill Stevenson

Tracks: You Will Lose Faith, 60%, 60% (reprise), + more

Length (mins): 00:46:27

Genres (Music): Punk rock

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Ribbed is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best NOFX Albums of All Time
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1. Green Corn
2. The Moron Brothers
3. Showerdays
4. Food, Sex & Ewe
5. Just the Flu
6. El Lay
7. New Boobs
8. Cheese/Where's My Slice
9. Together on the Sand
10. Nowhere
11. Brain Constipation
12. Gonoherpasyphilaids
13. I Don't Want You Around
14. The Malachi Crunch

Release Date: 1991

Artist: NOFX

Producer: Brett Gurewitz

Tracks: Cheese / Where’s My Slice?, New Boobs, Food, + more

Length (mins): 00:28:41

Genres (Music): Hardcore punk, Punk rock

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Heavy Petting Zoo is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best NOFX Albums of All Time
Photo: flickr/CC0

1. Hobophobic (Scared of Bums)
2. Philthy Phil Philanthropist
3. Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
4. Bleeding Heart Disease
5. Hot Dog in a Hallway
6. Release the Hostages
7. Liza
8. What's the Matter with Kids Today?
9. Love Story
10. The Black and White
11. Whatever Didi Wants
12. August 8th
13. Drop the World

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