The 13 Best Non-Binary Anime Characters

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Not every anime character identifies as a man, woman, girl, or boy - some of them identify as non-binary. There isn't nearly enough non-binary representation in media, so it's nice when popular anime series feature characters who don't subscribe to the gender binary. For this list, we're taking a peek at characters whose gender identities are somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum.

In some cases, these characters don't explicitly state that they are nonbinary, but their creators' refusal to gender them makes it likely. Sure, Attack on Titan's creator Hajime Isayama didn't use the word ‘non-binary,’ but he did say that Hange Zoe's gender was up to the reader. But in other cases, the character does actually talk about how they see themselves. In Stars Align, Yuta Asuka learns about non-binary identities and decides it's a perfect fit.

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    Najimi Osana - 'Komi Can't Communicate'

    Najimi Osana - 'Komi Can't Communicate'
    Photo: Komi Can't Communicate / OLM

    We don't really know how Najimi Osana identifies, but it's clear that they're comfortable with both masculine and feminine self-presentation. They like wearing the girl's school uniform, but they wouldn't necessarily call themselves a girl. They used to dress like a boy, which is why Tadano is surprised by the uniform, but they won't sign on to ‘boy’ either. Non-binary sounds about right. 

    But gender isn't the most important thing about Najimi. The most important thing is their incredible social skills and their ability to befriend pretty much everybody with little effort.

  • Hange Zoë - 'Attack on Titan'
    Photo: Attack on Titan / MAPPA

    Hange starts off as a Squad Leader in the Survey Corps before taking over as Commander. They're fascinated by Titan biology and are far less afraid of them than the other members. In fact, they're willing to risk their own and other peoples' safety to gather information. But while they seem careless, they're doing what they believe must be done to solve the Titan problem once and for all.

    Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama said that it's up to fans to determine Hange's gender identity. He even specifically instructed the manga's English publisher, Kodansha USA, to avoid using gendered pronouns when referring to Hange. While this doesn't explicitly make them non-binary, it's as close as most series ever get.

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    Crona - 'Soul Eater'

    Crona - 'Soul Eater'
    Photo: Soul Eater / Bones

    Crona's life is pretty rough. They have to endure having all of their blood replaced by a substance called Black Blood with the aim of turning them into a Kishin. This is part of their mother's evil plot, which Crona isn't really on board with. Eventually, Crona ends up turning against their mother.

    While the Yen Press translation of the Soul Eater manga uses male pronouns for Crona, these are incorrect. In a Twitter Q&A, creator Atsushi Okubo stated that Crona's gender is ‘unknown’ and the original Japanese manga uses gender neutral terms that don't exist in English. 

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    Haruka Tenoh - 'Sailor Moon'

    Haruka Tenoh - 'Sailor Moon'
    Photo: Sailor Moon / Studio Pierrot

    When we first meet Haruka Tenoh, Sailor Moon and many other characters assume that she's a man. She isn't - but she's not exactly all woman. We're using she/her pronouns because that's what she uses more often.

    The series repeatedly states that Haruka has the heart of a man and a woman, or the strengths of both genders. She chooses to present herself as more masculine or more feminine depending on the circumstances, and is usually happy to be referred to either way. Whether she calls herself non-binary, genderfluid, bi-gender or something else entirely is up for debate, but she definitely does not subscribe to the gender binary.

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    Opera - 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun'

    Opera - 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun'
    Photo: Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun / Bandai Namco Pictures

    If not for Opera, Lord Sullivan would have probably exploded into a pile of grandson-loving goo. This security demon keeps their employer focused and functional. They can be sarcastic and mischievous, but they take their job seriously. They're generally a nice person, but their kindness disappears when it comes to Kalego, who they tease mercilessly.

    Opera's sex and gender are both ambiguous. Author Osamu Nishi has never mentioned Opera's biological sex and has purposely ignored questions about it. Within the anime, Iruma asks Opera about it, and Opera replies by asking Iruma to guess. The narration says that the whole thing is up to interpretation.

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    Yuta Asuka - 'Stars Align'

    Yuta Asuka - 'Stars Align'
    Photo: Stars Align / 8bit

    Yuta Asuka is the only male child of the Asuka family, which meant that they were heavily pressured into performing their assigned gender. This was tough, because they not only couldn't conform to rigid expectations of masculinity, they didn't even feel like a boy at all. Or a girl. As soon as they learned the term ‘non-binary’ they felt that it described their experience well. 

    Though they generally wear masculine clothing, they're also pretty good at applying makeup - a skill they learned from their sisters.