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The 15 Best Non-Canon Quirks In ‘My Hero Academia,’ Ranked

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Most of the noteworthy quirks in My Hero Academia are canon quirks designed by Kohei Horikoshi himself. But there are also some excellent non-canon quirks that appear in OVAs, movies, and even the few filler episodes in the anime itself. A few of them might even qualify as the best quirks in My Hero Academia!

Many of the best non-canon quirks come from Nine, a villain from the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, who obtained a copy of All For One that let him take multiple quirks from other people. But while Nine's quirks are powerful, they aren't the only ones worth mentioning. Flect Turn's Reflect, which appears in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, is nearly impossible to beat, while Selkie's Spotted Seal proves how powerful seals can be. Which of these is the strongest and best overall? That's up to you.

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    Cell Activation

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    Cell Activation is a healing quirk that lets the user activate the cells in their own or other people's bodies. It's incredibly useful for healing and regeneration, which is why Nine wanted to take it from the Shimano family so badly.

    Depending on the version of the quirk, it may work on people with only certain blood types, or it may not have a blood type limit. 

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    Weather Manipulation

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    Weather Manipulation is the quirk that Nine had before being given an artificial copy of All For One. This quirk allows him to produce weather phenomena like rain, lightning, wind, and tornadoes. Some of these are strong enough to nearly destroy a whole island. 

    The quirk's biggest drawback is the enormous amount of stamina it requires. Whenever Nine uses it, he damages his cells and puts so much strain on his body that he risks his own life. For this reason, he uses it only when absolutely necessary. 

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    When Saiko Intelli drinks tea and closes her eyes in order to think clearly, she amps up her intelligence dramatically. Different types of tea impact her brainpower differently, but all of them allow her to come up with complicated plans and strategies to defeat her opponents.

    She runs into trouble when her opponents are totally unpredictable, however.

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    Using Hydra, Nine can summon and control massive, powerful snakelike creatures.

    These snakes are nearly impossible to defeat, because as their name implies, when they're harmed, they split off into more snakes.

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