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The Best Normal Pokemon of All Time

Updated 4 May 2020 105.1k votes 9.8k voters 176.8k views77 items
List of the best Normal Pokemon, ranked by Pokemon fans from around the world. This greatest Normal type Pokemon list includes monsters from all generations, so you can vote on everything from Clefable to Arceus. Not all of these Pokemon are pure Normal type, as some are half while others are secondary. Although Normal Pokemon may not have the same awesome appeal as other types do, they're statistically decent Pokemon and are the second most common type in the game, with 97 of them.
If you're wondering, "What is the best Normal Pokemon?" or "What is the greatest Normal type Pokemon?" then this list will answer your questions. If you feel a particular Pokemon is missing from this list, then add it at the bottom to see if other people will vote on it as well.
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