The Best Nostalgic Cartoons On Disney Plus

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Disney+ has a super impressive library and that includes old favorites and, more importantly, lots of nostalgic cartoons. Some ‘90s kid cartoons on Disney+ were favorites on the Disney Channel while other nostalgic Disney+ cartoons were the cornerstone of 1990s ABC Saturday mornings. Some of the best 1990s and 2000s cartoons on Disney+ right now have even had recent reboots.

Which cartoons will you find on this list of nostalgic animated favorites series streaming on Disney+? Gargoyles is definitely near the top – nothing has come close to the singular story of this dark fantasy animated series. X-Men: The Animated Series is a good nostalgic cartoon on Disney+ for those who like to remember a time when the idea of any X-Men movie was still years away. If you are looking for nostalgic Saturday morning cartoons then Doug (well, the ABC Doug), Pepper Ann, and Recess are more great options. If it's a beloved kid's cartoon that hasn't aired in ten years or more and is available on Disney+, you'll find it here.

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