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The Best Novels about Africa

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A list of fiction set in African countries, as ranked by readers who know the difference between Ghana and Djibouti. These novels are written by authors from all over the globe, yet they all take place in Africa and provide insight on specific parts of the continent.

To many Americans, Africa is more of an abstract concept than a real place. Rather than book a flight or pick up a textbook, reading fiction about foreign settings can be an effective way to gain knowledge about unfamiliar places. A writer's perspective gives readers a unique look into a foreign land. Reading fiction about African experiences can actually be an excellent way to dive into another part of the world.

The novels that bring this diverse and massive continent to life all use detail and character to immerse readers in new settings, providing a tangible sense of place that goes deeper than any picture of the savannah or the jungle ever could.

So vote up the best novels about Africa, the ones that create a real sense of connection to African locales! And if there's a great novel set in Africa that's not on the list, don't hesitate to add it!