The Best Novels About Los Angeles

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Fiction books that use LA as a setting or major theme
This list is about the best novels about Los Angeles; it answers the question, “What are the best books about LA?” This famous city is best known for Hollywood, which attracts millions of visitors each year. Tourists get to pay homage to their favorite stars and sometimes even catch a glance of some famous personalities. Hollywood’s landmarks include: the Walk of Fame (the stars on the sidewalk featuring celebrity names), the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Bowl.Authors who are fascinated with Los Angeles write on a variety of topics, such as how cool and sleek the vibe within the famous city feels like and what kind of events happen there. Several well-known murder mysteries featuring an LA setting have been written, including James Ellroy’s “L.A. Confidential” and Nina Revoyr’s “Southland”; both novels have been turned into movies or television shows.Perhaps the most famous story with a Los Angeles setting is Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sheep”, a crime novel that features Detective Phillip Marlowe. The story is noted for its complexity – it has many characters that double-cross each other and features many secrets that are exposed to the reader. The book was featured on “TIME’S List of the Best 100 Novels,” and was voted ninety-sixth of Le Monde's "100 Books of the Century” in 1999.
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