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The Best Novels About Sociopaths

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List RulesFiction books that feature sociopath characters

This is a list about the best novels about sociopaths. Have you ever wondered what the best fiction stories featuring sociopaths are? Some of the most chilling novels of all time have been written under this category, including Thomas Harris’ “Hannibal” series, James Patterson’s “Kiss the Girls”, Patricia Highsmith’s series featuring the eerie “Thomas Ripley” character and Bret Easton Ellis’ “American Psycho”. Many of these novels have been made into movies, and the images from the films will stay embedded in our minds for years to come. Who doesn’t remember how creepy Anthony Hopkin’s portrayal of Hannibal Lector was? Or how sly and unassuming Matt Damon’s portrayal of “Ripley” was? It seems to always shock us that a human being would be capable of ruthlessly murdering then feeling no sense of remorse whatsoever for it. This list of famous sociopath stories will take you into a world where evil truly exists, suspicions are always on the rise and give you that chilling reality that we really do live in a world where unspeakable horrors are possible. One thing is sure: if you let any one of these authors take you into their created worlds, just make sure you don’t read their stories at night!