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The Best Novels About World War 1

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List RulesFiction books that use WWI as a setting or major theme

Love historical fiction? This list of the best novels about World War 1 is perfect for you!  This list attempts to answer the question, "What are the best historical fiction books about World War 1?" But with so many good books to choose from, there's bound to be some debate about the best WW1 books. And that's just fine. Voting for your favorite WW1 novel will help us finally decide which books are the most beloved.

Also known as the First World War, this global war lasted from 1914 – 1918. It was the fifth deadliest war in the world’s history. Until the approach of second World War, it was simply referred to as the Great War or World War. The war involved most of the world’s countries that drew together and eventually formed into two separate alliances: the Allies and the Central Powers. Ultimately over 70 military personnel, including 60 million European military personnel were mobilized into one of the largest wars in history. The underlying cause of the war was the 28 June 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, by Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo.

The end-result of the murder set off a diplomatic crisis; within weeks the war began, spreading the conflict across the world. The League of Nations was formed as a direct result of the war. While many timeless stories have been written about the events that took place in the war, this list focuses on perhaps the best WWI fictional novels.