The Best Nut Brands on the Block

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Curious about who has the best nuts these days? Enjoy this list of the best nut brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. So, why would you ever care about the top nut companies? Because nuts are a great snack and a wonderful source of protein, duh! And there are many good nut companies that can be found in grocery stores.

Several of the top nut brands offer a variety of nuts, but some good nut brands focus on one type of nut in particular. One of the most popular nut brands is Planters. This great nut brand offers everything from peanuts to walnuts. They also get super nutty with fun flavors like chipotle peanuts and cocoa peanuts. Blue Diamond and Emerald are two more nut companies that offer a variety of energy-boasting snacks.

When it comes to pistachios, Wonderful and Everybody's Nuts are two of the best brands. Royal Hawaiian and Mauna Loa both offer delicious macadamia nuts. Second Nature, Frito-Lay and Imperial Nuts are other good companies that made this list of the best nut brands of all time!

Which company sells the best nut mixes? Feel free to add your own favorite nut makers & manufacturers, and give your favorites on this list a thumbs up!
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