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This is a list of the best Oakland Raiders of all time. The Silver and Black. Just Win, Baby. These are just a few of the phrases associated with what was once the most intimidating team in all off football: the Oakland / Los Angeles Raiders. When Al Davis took over the team in 1962, a new style of football was formed. The greatest Raiders players blended speed and power, a new dimension to player evaluation introduced by Davis. The best Hall of Fame-level Raiders ever attribute their success to the culture of the team and to Davis's leadership. The rowdy Raiders have been to Super Bowls in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 2000s, the only team in NFL history to do so. Some of the best players in Raiders history were on these teams. Famous Oakland Raiders like Ken Stabler, Cliff Branch, and Fred Biletnikoff are some of the best Raiders skill players while Gene Upshaw, Art Shell, and Jim Otto were powerful linemen whose grit allowed for these superstars to flourish. 

The later Raiders team were flashy with superstars like past players Jim Plunkett, Howie Long, and Marcus Allen, who is one of the best running backs of all time,  were parts of the later Super Bowl winning teams. Even though the team made a 12 year detour to Los Angeles, many of the team's best, most iconic players were in Oakland.

This is the list of the best Oakland Raiders. If you notice someone who is missing from this list of all time Raiders, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list of the greatest Raiders ever according to who you think should be considered the best in franchise history.

Most divisive: Marshawn Lynch
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  • Gene Upshaw
    1,841 votes
    • Birthplace: Robstown, Texas, USA

    Gene Upshaw's formidable physical presence and unmatched athleticism defined his career as an offensive guard for the Oakland Raiders. Serving as a seemingly impenetrable wall, Upshaw's dominance in the trenches provided tremendous protection for Raiders quarterbacks, while also forging open running lanes for Raider running backs. As a key component to one of the AFL's most storied franchises, Upshaw played a pivotal role in earning two Super Bowl rings for the silver and black.

  • Jim Otto
    Linebacker, Center
    1,648 votes
    • Birthplace: Wausau, Wisconsin

    Regarded as one of the NFL's toughest and most dedicated players, Jim Otto spent his entire 15-year career playing center for the Oakland Raiders. A true Ironman, Otto was the embodiment of Raider mystique, battling through countless injuries to anchor a formidable offensive line that struck fear into the hearts of opponents. His unwavering tenacity and work ethic helped propel the Raiders to numerous winning seasons, culminating in a Super Bowl XI victory that cemented his status as an all-time great.

  • Ted Hendricks
    1,277 votes
    • Birthplace: Guatemala City, Guatemala

    Ted "The Mad Stork" Hendricks, a towering figure both on and off the field, was renowned for wreaking havoc on opponents with his size, speed, and tenacity as a linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. His unrelenting pursuit of quarterbacks and fearlessness in stopping the run made him a cornerstone of the vaunted Raiders defense that brought home three Super Bowl titles. A consummate team player and relentless competitor, Hendricks's timeless impact on the sport continues to inspire new generations of football fans.

  • Fred Biletnikoff
    Wide receiver
    1,725 votes
    • Birthplace: USA, Erie, Pennsylvania

    Fred Biletnikoff, the epitome of a sure-handed receiver, was renowned for his ability to snag passes through even the tightest coverage during his illustrious career with the Oakland Raiders. His penchant for making seemingly impossible catches elevated him to legendary status, as he became an integral part of the Raiders' offense throughout the 1960s and 70s. With Biletnikoff on the field, no lead was safe as he consistently provided big plays that culminated in a Super Bowl XI title for the Raiders.

  • Cliff Branch

    Cliff Branch

    Wide receiver
    1,308 votes
    • Birthplace: Texas, USA, Houston

    Cliff Branch's blazing speed and knack for stretching the field made him one of the most feared deep threats in NFL history. As a wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders, Branch's ability to outrun virtually any defender made him a nightmare for opposing secondaries, leading to numerous game-changing plays throughout his career. His impact on the sport is undeniable, as his presence on the field opened up opportunities for teammates and played a pivotal role in the Raiders capturing three Super Bowl titles.

  • Howie Long
    Defensive end
    2,227 votes
    • Birthplace: Boston, USA, Massachusetts, Charlestown, Boston

    Few defensive linemen can rival the passion, intensity, and relentless motor that Howie Long brought to the gridiron every Sunday for the Oakland Raiders. A gifted athlete with an unparalleled drive, Long's ability to disrupt offenses not only by sacking the quarterback, but also clogging running lanes and batting down passes, made him a constant menace in the trenches. With eight Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl XVIII victory under his belt, Long's indelible mark on the sport has made him a football legend.