The Best Oboists in the World

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Oboes are staples in orchestras around the world. They've permeated through dozens of genres of music, lending themselves to help create some of the most moving and emotional pieces of music in history. The people on this list are masters of reed instruments and are considered giants in the musical world.  

Whether you recognize these musicians or not, they've all carved a place out for themselves in the music world and have become influential and prominent figures in the industry. If you love geeking out on music, we definitely recommend finding some of their music. 

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    oliver stankiewicz

  • Erik Niord Larsen

    Erik Niord Larsen

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    Charles Hamm

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    Alexei Ogrintchouk

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    Sarah Jeffrey

  • Elizabeth Priestly Siffert

    Elizabeth Priestly Siffert

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    Ms.  Priestly  Siffert  has  made  frequent solo  performances  throughout  her  career  with  orchestras including  the  Rochester  Philharmonic  Orchestra,  Houston  Ballet  Orchestra  and  Orchestra  of  Saint  Luke's. At  the  age  of  22  Ms.  Priestly  Siffert  made  her  international  solo  debut  with  the Orquesta  de  Camera  de  Mineria.  She  was invited  two  years  later  to  perform  as  a  soloist  for  the  first  time  in  Europe  with  Orquestra  Classica  da  Madeira. She was  sponsored  by  F.  Lorée,  Paris  as  a  headlining soloist  at  the  International  Double  Reed  Society  annual  conference  in  New  York  City  performing  Foss  Concerto  for  Oboe  on  the  conference’s  final  performance.  She  also made  several  solo  performances  as  part  of  the  Goppisberger  Musikfestival performing  as a soloist  in  different  cities  in  Switzerland.  Through  the  years  Ms.  Priestly  Siffert  has  also  success  in  solo competitions  including  winning  the  Eastman  Concerto  Competition and prize  winner  in  the  Cynthia  Woods  Mitchell  Young  Artist  Competition. She was second  prize  winner  in  the  world's most prominent oboe competition, the Fernand  Gillet  Hugo  Fox  Competition sponsored  by  the  International  Double  Reed  Society, and has been the highest ranged American in this competition since 2007. 

    Her performances have brought her all over the world on radio and television with performances on America's top classical radio program Performance Today and a televised solo performance on Portugal's Porto Canal. 

    She has performed in the most prominent  festivals in the United States including Lincoln Center Festival. 

    Ms.  Priestly  Siffert  is  an  active  orchestral  musician  as  well.  Her  former  positions  include  second  oboe  with  the  Binghamton  Philharmonic  Orchestra  (2001‐2003),  co‐principal  oboe  with  Orquestra  Sinfonica  de  Mineria  (2003),  and  principal  oboe  with  Orquestra  Classica  da  Madeira  (2003‐2007). She  is  currently  principal  oboist  of  the  Houston  Grand  Opera  and  Houston  Ballet  Orchestras,  a  position  she  has  held  since  2008 and is a musician with The Grand Teton Music Festival. She  has  had  many  additional  performances  with  orchestras  throughout  the  world  such  as  the  Buffalo  Philharmonic  Orchestra,  the  Houston  Symphony  Orchestra, Orquestra  dos  Sonhos  and  the  Phoenix  Symphony  Orchestra.


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    Yeon-hee Kwak

  • Stephen Robinson

    Stephen Robinson