The Best Obstacle Course Competition Series Ever

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Vote up the best competition shows featuring obstacle races that have aired on television

Would you have what it takes to make it through a treacherous obstacle course? There are plenty of obstacle course reality series on television, and a lot of viewers think they would have no problem making it through all the hoops and hurdles. However, these shows are often harder than they appear. You have to be in excellent physical shape to even make it past the first round in many of these shows. You need hardened strength of will to even stand a chance. Right now your main objective is to vote for the best obstacle course reality television series. 

One of the most popular obstacle course shows in recent memory is 2008's Wipeout, which was so good it was rebooted in 2021. In this show, contestants would need to go through four rounds of obstacles before they could be crowned champion. The show takes epic twists and turns with a good sense of humor thrown into the mix. Ultimate Beastmaster is another obstacle course show that is even more intense than Wipeout. Beastmasters from all over the globe compete to take home the title.

These shows make people compete, but now, the shows are competing against one another. You can now vote for the best obstacle course competition television series you like to watch.

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