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List of the best occult anime, voted on by Ranker's anime community. This may not be the most popular genre of Japanese animation, but all of these shows are worth checking out if you're looking for something new to watch. This poll includes video clips of each show, so if you haven't seen one you can watch it right here on this page. Dive into the dark worlds of these anime and view the world of shadows and the dark magic that lies within them. The shows that are listed may have different sub-genres, but they're all about occult in one way or another. Examples include Ghost Hunt and Occult Academy. What is the greatest occult anime of all time? Scroll down and find out for yourself!
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Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt, originally titled Akuryō Series, is a light novel series written by Fuyumi Ono. It follows the adventures of the Shibuya Psychic Research Center as they investigate mysterious occurrences all over Japan with a team of other spiritualists and clever assistants. Although the last novel was ...more

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Occult Academy

Occult Academy is a Japanese anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures and Aniplex and directed by Tomohiko Itō. The 13-episode anime premiered in Japan on the TV Tokyo television network on July 6, 2010. Occult Academy is the third project of Anime no Chikara. It was shown by Crunchyroll an ...more

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Gosick is a Japanese light novel series by Kazuki Sakuraba, with illustrations by Hinata Takeda. The series includes 13 novels published by Fujimi Shobo between December 2003 and July 2011. Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl ...more

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