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The Best Oculus Go Apps And Games To Download Today

Updated 26 Feb 2020 97 votes 15 voters25 items

As one of the newer headsets from the Oculus line, the best games for Oculus Go make it possible to feel fully immersed in a virtual world without having to worry about wires or cords weighing you down.

Springing onto the market in May of 2018, the Go was the first standalone headset the company released, meaning it doesn't require any external devices or wires to run. The Go is also the most affordable of the Oculus headsets, available for $150, so it's an excellent choice for those who are newer to the VR scene and are looking to try it out. The headset also comes with a wireless orientation-tracking controller, which makes it slightly easier to use. To date, the Oculus Go has sold over two million units worldwide, making it a staple among virtual reality fans.

From frantic VR games like Thumper to epic board games like Catan VR, this list ranks all the best Oculus Go games. Do you have a current Go game you just can’t put down? If so, add it to the list below.

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