The Best Games For The Oculus Rift And Rift S

Get ready for a virtual adventure as we rank all the best Oculus Rift games. Sure, there are tons of great games for the Oculus Rift and Rift S, but which games are the best? Lone Echo is a pretty popular virtual reality space adventure, and Bethesda's uber-popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim made the jump to virtual reality in late 2017. And then there are plenty of free Oculus Rift games like Robo Recall, which is a blast to play in VR.

While Oculus now owns a successful VR empire with some of the most popular headsets on the market, they came from some fairly small beginnings. The Oculus team launched a Kickstarter for their prototype in 2012, going through various editions of the product in the process. The campaign raised $2.5 million after Oculus was founded as an independent company only a few months prior, and they were then bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion. The Rift finally hit shelves for consumers in 2016 with its first model, the CV1, which was discontinued in March 2019 after its successor, the Oculus Rift S, was released. And then there's the Oculus Quest, which is slightly less powerful but doesn't include any wires, which is pretty nice when you're flailing and moving about.

Do you have a favorite Oculus game you just can't stop playing? Vote up all the best virtual reality games currently available on the Oculus, and add any titles you think deserve to be on this list.

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  • Beat Saber

    Beat Saber

    Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where the player slices through blocks to the beat of a song with, you guessed it, light sabers.

  • We all know it, we all love it -- Bethesda ported their hit game Skyrim to the Rift, and now the epic fantasy world is all the more immersive.

  • Superhot is not your average first-person shooter -- time in the game only moves when you do, making each level as much about strategy as it is about shooting people or smashing a bottle over their heads.

  • Job Simulator

    Job Simulator

    When your day job has you down, jump into this wacky simulator that parodies the monotony of a real life corporate office.

  • Vader Immortal: Episode 1

    Vader Immortal: Episode 1

    Always dreamed of meeting Darth Vader face to face? Now you can in this epic narrative episode set in the Star Wars universe.

  • No Man's Sky is a space exploration game with gorgeous, engaging environments, which makes it the perfect candidate for a VR port.

  • Pistol Whip

    Pistol Whip

    Pistol Whip is a game that combines the best of first person shooters and rhythm games to create one of the most satisfying and electrifying VR games on the market.

  • If you're looking for a spook, this one's for you: Five Nights at Freddy's VR is sure to give you animatronic nightmares.

  • Lone Echo

    Lone Echo

    Featuring some of the most famous video game voice talent working today, Lone Echo is a single-player narrative space adventure game that is considered to have the best story of any VR game on the market.

  • Moss is a puzzle adventure game developed specifically for VR that utilizes both first and third person perspectives to guide you through its whimsical world.

  • Creed: Rise to Glory VR

    Creed: Rise to Glory VR

    We've come quite a long way from Wii Sports - Creed: Rise to Glory VR is a boxing video game that packs a real punch.

  • Another port of a Bethesda fan favorite, Fallout 4 brings all the action and radiation of the wastelands to your VR headset.

  • Arizona Sunshine

    Arizona Sunshine

    Arizona Sunshine is a zombie survival first person shooter, which basically just means you get to shoot zombies in the face in VR.

  • I Expect You to Die

    I Expect You to Die

    I Expect You to Die is a new take on the classic James Bond-esque spy mission, and of course, it's all in virtual reality.

  • The Climb

    The Climb

    Sometimes you want to go rock climbing, but you just can't stomach the possibility of falling hundreds of feet to meet your end. Why not play The Climb, then, where the max you can fall is what, five feet?

  • Minecraft is a sandbox adventure game where you, well, mine and craft, and there's nothing better than swinging that pickaxe around.

  • Fruit Ninja first gained popularity as an iOS game in the 2010s, but it has since graduated to a VR hack and slash adventure.

  • Vacation Simulator

    Vacation Simulator

    If a Job Simulator isn't exactly what you're looking for to wind down after a long day, we suggest Vacation Simulator, which, well, simulates a nice (and often wacky) vacation for you.

  • Space Pirate Trainer

    Space Pirate Trainer

    Space Pirate Trainer is the so-called "official trainer for wannabe space pirates in VR." If that tagline alone doesn't sell it, I don't know how to help you.

  • Robo Recall

    Robo Recall

    Robo Recall is a first-person shooter VR game where you play as a robot employed to destroy other, defective robots that have been recalled. What could be more fun than that?

  • If there was ever going to be a game that looked amazing in VR, it would be a space flight simulator like Elite: Dangerous.

  • Trover Saves the Universe

    Trover Saves the Universe

    A narrative adventure VR game from the creator of Rick and Morty, this game is equal parts ludicrous and thought-provoking.

  • Tetris Effect

    Tetris Effect

    Tetris Effect is a new spin on an arcade classic. Featuring gorgeous environments and a pulsing soundtrack, the game feels like it adapts to your every move, making it even more satisfying to play than the original.

  • Stormland


    Stormland offers either a single player adventure, or two player co-op, wherein players explore exotic alien planets inhabited by androids.

  • Asgard's Wrath

    Asgard's Wrath

    Have you ever wanted to be a Norse god, a la Thor or Loki? Asgard's Wrath can help that fantasy come true, as it offers not only a compelling storyline but also some immersive exploration.