Best Of 2021: The 21 Memes That Defined A Very Strange Year

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Anakin Skywalker, a dead-pan Zendaya, and a beach that turns you old. The memes that defined our year were as wild and disparate as the year itself. Here are the top 21 memes that helped us process a very strange time in our lives. Be sure to vote up the ones that you think made the biggest impact.

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    Bernie At The Inauguration

    Bernie, masked and mittened up, at the Presidential inauguration was everyone who's ever been ready to go home. 

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    The Ship Stuck In The Suez Canal

    When the Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal the supply chain may have slowed down, but the meme chain spun into high gear. 

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    Hela And Taika Waititi

    Hela And Taika Waititi
    Photo: u/Greedy-Assist3616 / Reddit

    We're not exactly sure why a behind-the-scenes pic from Thor: Ragnarok became a popular meme template, but we're not complaining.

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    The Met Gala

    The Met Gala never fails to bring out the celebrities and meme opportunities. And Kim Kardashian's all black look inspired countless memes but this Xenomorph-centric one is one of the best. 

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    iCarly's Decade Spanning 'Interesting'

    iCarly's Decade Spanning 'Interesting'
    Photo: u/bobhim / Reddit

    The iCarly revival on Paramount Plus not only brought us the reboot of our dreams, but they got meta and recreated an image which became a meme on it's own. And then THAT recreated when juxtaposed with the original meme became it's OWN meme. Confused? Welcome to the world of memes!

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    Kathyrn Hahn's 'WandaVision Wink'

    As the first MCU Disney+ show, WandaVision arrived with expectations sky high and it delivered, on both the critical and meme-generation fronts. No one captivated people more than Kathryn Hahn's Agatha Harkness, immortalized here in the wink heard around the world.

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