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23 Insane Situations Only Sims Addicts Would Think Are Normal

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Hear ye hear ye, gamers! Anybody who enjoys The Sims will love some of the craziest descriptions of day-to-day life in the game, featured below. This list takes cues from the popular Reddit thread, and brings you the best of anormaldayinthesims!

These funny "a normal day in The Sims" stories cover everything from adultery and death to dancing in puddles of pee. A normal day in the Sims jokes are nothing like your typical jokes - herein lie the craziest happenings from the game, like dying of starvation because there's too much clutter on the counter. 

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    Grave and Ghost Unrelated, Probably

    I moved into a new house and there was a grave in the backyard. I walk out to the grave everyday and cry over the loss of whoever it was. I've never met this person, but I assume they are someone worth crying over. I cry in bed then play games online and feel happy again. After a good night's sleep, I walk out to the grave and mourn the loss of this unknown person again. On an unrelated note, a ghost keeps coming into my house at night and I hate him.

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    Philanderer Repaid with Llama Fiction

    My husband cheated on me nine times with six different women. So I slapped him. But then we had a furious kiss, and that was pretty good, so I forgave him. Now I only hate Candy Behr and spend my days writing books about how both she and her mother are llamas. We have another baby on the way!

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    Cat Heaven

    I am a cat. One of my masters, my favorite one, decided to cook on his brand new oven just after some renovation but he started a fire by accident. Both of my masters decided to run up to the fire and scream and panic. They didn't leave or call the fire department, so they both burned alive.

    At least I get the sofa to myself!

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    Dead Husband Is Jealous

    So I was married, but then got interested in a guy. My husband died so I thought it was okay to go ahead and start an official relationship with this new man. However, my husband's ghost has started rumors in town that I am currently cheating on him so now all my acquaintances are judging me. Am I expected to stay with my dead husbands ghost for forever? It's really complicating my social life.

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