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23 Insane Situations Only Sims Addicts Would Think Are Normal

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Hear ye hear ye, gamers! Anybody who enjoys The Sims will love some of the craziest descriptions of day-to-day life in the game, featured below. This list takes cues from the popular Reddit thread, and brings you the best of anormaldayinthesims!

These funny "a normal day in The Sims" stories cover everything from adultery and death to dancing in puddles of pee. A normal day in the Sims jokes are nothing like your typical jokes - herein lie the craziest happenings from the game, like dying of starvation because there's too much clutter on the counter. 

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    High Five Your Wife For Forgiveness

    I cheated on my wife. I just couldn't help it! This girl at a party walked right up to and flirted with me while my wife was in the same room, dancing in a puddle of pee. It's okay now though. I was able to high-five her repeatedly until all was forgiven. Good thing too, it was a whole 12 hours ago that we met!

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    Death on Holiday

    I thought I'd throw a nice party for Snowflake day and invite my family's closest friends. Well things got a little wild and one of my older guests died right in front of my youngest son! He was so upset.

    But everyone forgot about it 4 seconds later when I told them what their real holiday present was... a vacation!

    Our vacation was going great until my wife decided to stay in the hot tub too long and died. This holiday has left my boys traumatized and motherless.

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    Family Affair

    My father divorced my mother and married my girlfriend's mother. Now I'm engaged to my girlfriend who is my step sister. Help.

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    Baby Mama Drama

    The Lovelace family decided being rich and sexy wasn't enough, so they started a sex club. Barbie and Ken Doll were invited and Barbie got so jealous after catching Ken trying to knock up Jezebel Lovelace that she flat out died. Also, Jezebel has no idea whose baby she's pregnant with. Now Jezebel's husband and Ken are fighting in a windowless bathroom with a stinking toilet.

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