Weird Nature The 39 Biggest Jerks in the Animal Kingdom  

Jo Swo
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Most of us are animal lovers, but there are times when even the most snuggly, sweet animals can make us love them just a little bit less. Sometimes animals are can be complete jerks. Whether or not they're having a bad day, we're not sure, but we know they're being dicks about it! It may be a case of getting their feathers ruffled or barking up the wrong tree, but they're definitely going to take it out on you.

We have here the very best GIFs of all kinds of animals being mean and spiteful. But the angrier they are, the more we laugh. We can't help but thinking it's funny, and if you think the animal's being a jerk, give it a thumbs up. If you think we're being too harsh, you can go ahead and downvote it. Checkout the subreddit animalsbeingjerks to see more animals being dicks.
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Talk about being chucked into the deep end!

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So much for some peaceful fishing

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Cheeky Monkey Business

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You took the photo? Great. I'll take this, and this aaaand bye!