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The 24 Best Parts of Batman v. Superman, Ranked

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At this point, everybody has seen Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the general consensus is that's not as amazing as it could've been. Everyone has a lot of opinions about not just these two characters, but the film itself. In fact, you can barely open your browser without seeing something negative about the film. That's why this list lights a candle instead of cursing the darkness, compiling the best things about Batman v. Superman.
You have been waiting years to see Batman v. Superman. You don't let the early critical reviews deter you. You get your popcorn and soda, ready for a throwdown between the DC Universe's two biggest superheroes. The movie started and you were really digging it! Then this happened. And this. And that. Pretty soon the movie's over and you look at your friends and ask "What just happened? "Take comfort, citizen of Metropolis or Gotham, because this list is here as a reminder that at least some of the film really works.
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    Wonder Woman's Smile in Battle

    That moment when Doomsday knocks Diana Prince dozens of feet backwards and she simply smirks, happy to have an opponent worth fighting? Classic Wonder Woman. 
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    Bruce Running Into Danger

    Photo: Warner Bros.
    Is there anything more heroic (and more Batman) than seeing Bruce Wayne, disregarding his safety and secret identity to run into that cloud of smoke and ash? The use of distinctly realistic 9/11 imagery invokes historical terror, while Wayne's fearless sprint into inhuman danger is inspiring. And isn't that what superheroes are all about?
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    Wonder Woman Is Totally Badass

    It's safe to say that comic fans attending BvS wondered if Gal Gadot could be a suitably awesome Wonder Woman, who makes her live-action feature film debut. Most people probably imagine Diana Prince as more Lucy Lawless than Gadot. Gadot delivers in a huge way, however. In fact, she's more kickass than Superman in his own film!
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    Robin's Tragic Fate

    The Boy Wonder has been on a shelf since the Chris O'Donnell days and it seems Warner Bros still doesn't quite know how to address Batman's brightly-attired sidekick (same way they don't know how to address the brightly-attired Superman).

    BvS includes Robin while sidestepping concerns about the character, implying a Boy Wonder perished by showing vandalized Robin costume. It's vague, but it opens up the possibility that Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or any other Robin could pop up in future movies. It also implies decades of history for Affleck's Batman.
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