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The Best of Girls 'Mirin

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Girls mirin: Don't worry ladies, at some point it happens to all of us. You're out somewhere, minding your own business, when suddenly a gorgeous man walks by. All of a sudden, your jaw seems to fall of its own accord, your eyes light up with a mesmerized glow, and before you know it there you are: 'mirin. 'Mirin, short for "admiring," is a phenomenon that many women over the centuries have known all too well. Here you'll find a collection of 'mirers who range from movie stars to grandmas.

If you find this concept to be a new one, don't worry. In these adorable pictures of girls 'mirin guys, you'll find all the basic elements of a good 'mire demonstrated in all their glory. Perhaps you've already begun to wonder if you yourself have been 'mired or done a little 'mirin of your own. This is the place to find out for sure.

As you'll see in the following collection of 'mirers caught in the act, the question of whether or not a woman is actively 'mirin can generally be settled with a series of standard giveaways. For instance, the average woman's hand tends to float automatically towards the subject of her desire in the midst of a good 'mire. Additionally, she tends to lose control of things such as her speech and ability to not openly stare. Most importantly, however, when a woman is 'mirin hard, she, without exception doesn't care in the least about any of these things, as the object of her desire becomes the sole focus of... everything.
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    3... 2... 'Mire

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    Epic Muscle 'Mire

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    Miley 'Mirin Hard

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    The "Caught 'Mirin" Fade Out

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