30 Kids Who Had the Greatest Ideas Ever

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In life, there are a few phrases that nothing good ever seems to follow. Many of us have uttered the phrase, "Dude, hold my beer while I...," only to experience an incredibly disastrous aftermath. Nothing good ever happens after asking someone to hold your drink, and small children are no exception. Just because they aren't old enough to consume alcohol doesn't mean that they can't do something incredibly stupid after asking a friend, babysitter, or sibling to "Hold my juice box while I..." We've put together a list of some of the youngest aspiring daredevils to ever utter the phrase, "hold my juice box" below.  

Some of the funny GIFs of kids you’ll see here feature young adrenaline junkies of varying degrees of skill preforming death defying feats - some of which turn out better than others. Among these kids, you'll find well-meaning youngsters who happened to get caught on film at the wrong place in the wrong time, but you'll also see other kids who seem to be hell-bent on putting themselves in immediate mortal peril.

Check out the best "hold my juice box" GIFs below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.  

  • Bro, Hold My Juice Box While I Seamlessly Transition into Puberty

  • Dude, Hold My Juice Box While I Go All American Ninja Warrior on This Yard

  • Bro, Hold My Juice Box While I Demonstrate My Mastery of....OH NO! Put It Out! Put It Out!

  • Girl, Hold My Juice Box While I Show These Gals How It's Done

  • Dude, Hold My Juice Box While I Uber to the Candy Shop

  • Mom, Hold My Juice Box While I...Too Late.